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Since 2015, Philip McKibbin has been developing the Politics of Love. Now, he’s raising funds to give talks on this vision of politics in other countries. Please help him share the Politics of Love by making a donation.

What is the Politics of Love?

Philip McKibbin

The Politics of Love is a radical vision of politics.

It engages feeling, thought, and action to create better communities.

Politics is a dimension of ethics; it concerns how we live together. Love is a way of relating: to ourselves, each other, non-human animals, and the natural environment. It involves care, concern, and commitment – and it requires work.

This vision of politics celebrates love. It upholds critical commitments to mutualityradical equalitynon-violenceinclusion, and philosophical honesty; and it affirms loving values – such as compassionresponsibility, and trust – which can guide action and inform policy.

The Politics of Love has precedents in the everyday acts of kindness we show one another; our interpersonal relationships; as well as Indigenous struggle, and feminist, civil rights, and LGBTQI+ movement. Love resists oppression – and so, the Politics of Love is anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-capitalist, and opposed to all forms of domination, including domination of non-human animals and the natural environment. It insists that everyone belongs and all of us have worth.

The Politics of Love can be thought of as a round space, within which we gather with our diverse knowledges and histories, to debate and deliberate. It is from here that we act.

With love, we will transform our world.

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Philip McKibbin

About the editor

Philip McKibbin is a writer from Aotearoa New Zealand, of Pākehā (NZ European) and Māori (Ngāi Tahu) descent. His book Love Notes: for a Politics of Love is published by Lantern. He co-organised ‘The Politics of Love: A Conference’ at All Souls College, Oxford.

Michika Hatano

About the artist

Michika Hatano is an artist from Japan. She has worked as a graphic designer, and she started to get involved in animal rights activism in 2018. She produces artwork for anti-oppressive movements.